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Task Scheduler:
sert periodically to generate a document intended for one or more customers or suppliers.

Document: Encode the # of the document which will be used as template with periodic creation of new documents.
Take a "Price-Offer" or a new document of the Type "Price-Offer" to generate the new templates.

To print: If You check this box, the new document generated by the scheduler will be automatically printed.

Customer or supplier: Caution! Be careful for the encoding of this selection. At the time of the specified periods, "Easy For You" will generate a new document with All the customer'smentioned again in your page of selections.

Type document: Encode the code of the "type document" (3 letters) where the new document will have to be created.
For example FT1 (Invoice) to generate periodically an Invoice for a subscription with one or more customer.

Perform this task

Here You determine the moment or the task will have to be carried out. (the planner carries out a test of the tasks to be carried out during each starting of "Easy For You")

N.B.: The periodicity of the various tabs are not cumulative!

The very powerful tool of the selection from the additional fields:
The additional fields of each customers, suppliers or products can be useful has to note a specificity in order to be able to find them in the lists, scheduler or margin calculation.

Example 1: To mark the customers having a contract service to Invoice quarterly.
In the additional fields of the customer, note a specific Code, for example "/C3:CSQ"

To generate the quarterly Invoice, during the programming of your scheduler, it will be enough to:
1) Choice the template document.
2) Note "/C3:C" in the additional fields of the selection.
3) Choice destination document (FT1 - Invoices).
4) Choice the tab "Monthly" and check every three months to obtain a quarterly frequency.
5) Note the day of the month for which the document must be generated or check the box "Last day of the month".